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Report for Manitoba Pork Council 2011: "What to do and what not to do about phosphorus in Agro Manitoba the science"

Steve Sheppard sampling vegetation and soils in Nova Scotia. ECOMatters, offers both nuclear and non-nuclear private sector environmental consulting and R&D. Staff and associates have worked as a team for many years, and are well-known scientists with extensive publication and project records. Our team specializes in detailed understanding of basic processes in terrestrial and aquatic environments, including the partitioning of contaminants and their uptake by plants and animals. Effects characterization is a particular strength. Development, application and review of environmental computer models is a major activity for clients in regulatory, industry and agricultural fields.

ECOMatters is doing business globally. The principals have multinational experience in the nuclear, environmental, and agronomic lines of business. Agencies in France, , the UK, Japan, USA, Sweden, Norway and Finland have established contracts with ECOMatters to benefit from new and state-of-the-art pollutant ecology interpretations. A key service we offer is biosphere assessment "second opinion", seen by regulators world-wide as an essential validation check on national programs.

ECOMatters' laboratory facilities offer targeted R&D, such as determination of contaminant soil/liquid partition coefficients, as well as a variety of other lab services. These services continue to expand in scope as demand dictates.

Contaminant fate modelling Ecotoxicology
Risk assessment Soil science
Ecological risk assessment Field and lab services
Contaminant loading Plant science and agronomy
Radioecology Contaminant pathway analysis
Expert review Ecological interpretation

Steve Sheppard is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity


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